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Monday, October 29th, 2007

About me: My name is Paul Novarese. I’m 31 years old, living in Memphis, TN, and I’ve been playing bocce competitively since 1991. I’m starting this weblog as I begin a new league season, and I’m hoping to document some of the more interesting situations I see here for further analysis.

I’m going to specifically avoid discussion of how a particular scenario turned out and instead focus on the best percentage play, though particularly interesting results will be discussed from time to time (for example, if someone makes a particularly skillful shot that I didn’t think about) though these will be more anecdotal and somewhat seperate from the hardcore critical thinking.

Most of this strategy discussion will focus on open rules used in the Memphis Bocce Club. Particularly, there is no backboard at the end of the alley, there are no called shots, there are no restraints on how far balls can be moved. League games will generally be four-man teams with two on each end, playing to 12 points. We play indoors on Har-Tru surfaced courts.

As I mentioned, there will be some occasional anecdotal posting, with league standings, pictures, club functions, etc, but I’m hoping to keep the bulk of the posting focused on improving my game.

League play starts November 7th.